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Internet purchase
We have experience from selling windsurfing products thru Internet since year 2000. Besides our goal to always have satisfied customers we follow the swedish distance selling law  ( Lag (2005:59 om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler ) which includes 14 days return policy, the buyer has to arrange the return of the unused product. We also fallow the Swedish consumer law Konsumentköplag (1990:932)

Pick up products at one of our surf center
After a course our instructor at the center can show you and sell gear. It is also possible to rent gear during a course and if you decide to buy the gear (or similar) you get the rental cost back. See our course hours here. You can also contact us, to agree on a meeting time.
If you want to pick up at our surfcenter, you can buy your products thru the webshop with no freight cost by adding the code "Skokloster" "Ribergsborg" eller "Rålis" in the discount box. We will then iform you when the product is available for pick up in the surf center.

Complete rig- and board packages

Complete package of board with a rig or a rig-package
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Windsurfing gear

Single parts such as sail, board, boom, mastfoot, extensioner etc.
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testproducts and used gear from schools etc.
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Dynamic Windsurfing Center Sales

Quick-list of testproducts and used gear at specific centers.
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