The Dynamic Windsurfing Sail

Two sizes in one!. Easily adjustable, you can even reduce size on water if need be.
Made to last! The DW sails are made to last even if used by hundreds of students each season.

All sails fit perfectly with the Dynamic Windsurfing rig parts, for less gear and more fun! här.

The smaller model for lighter sailors and/or in strong wind (3,7 and 4,5 sqm)

Sail size M is for medium winds. The heavier/seasoned surfer uses this sail in windier conditions than the light/inexperienced surfer. Combines with a suitable board shape, depending on the prevailing wind, waves, surfer weight and technique.

In strong winds and large waves, the experienced surfer preferably uses sail size S together with board form S. The beginner uses sail size S in combination with board form XL in light wind. (5,2 and 6,2 sqm)

The sail for the advanced sailor who demands a powerful sail, 2 cams for extra power (7 and 8 sqm)

The sail for kids (2,5 and 3,2 sqm)

Price: from SEK5,100.00

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