The flexibility of Dynamic Windsurfing gives a lot of action, variation and more freedom from the weather – weather dependency being the Achilles heel of traditional windsurfing. The concept improves your windsurfing experiences. The patented modular design equipment was born from SWE-64 Johan Ekstedt's long career in windsurfing and analytics combined with the insights coming from feedback from thousands of customers.

The Experienced Windsurfer

Can take full advantage of the uniquely varying nature of the sport. Dynamic windsurfing provides perfect windsurfing under all conditions. The seasoned sailor will be kept happy with windsurfing as varied as nature and the weather itself. Windsurfing trips (or sessions with friends) can be planned a long time ahead and you can relax because you will always have suitable equipment whatever the weather.

The Inexperienced Windsurfer

Is provided with the equipment he needs to improve. Start sailing with the largest board shapes and smallest sail sizes. Build up useful basic techniques with these shapes in light winds and flat water. Have the freedom to experiment with smaller shapes when the wind picks up. The inexperienced sailor will soon enter the exciting world of small board surfing.

The Family/Surf School

Will have a windsurfing board suitable for all members. Even if the boards were bought mainly for beginners, the experienced surfers will also be keen on Dynamic Windsurfing and will be first in line for the gear on windy days. Everyone will be happy with the investment.

The Advantages of Dynamic Windsurfing

Windsurfing is an exhilarating sport that works in harmony with nature. Every time on the water is unique depending on variations in the weather conditions, the location and your sailing abilities. This is what makes the sport truly enjoyable, varied and challenging. With Dynamic Windsurfing you will always have an appropriate board shape and sail size for the prevailing condition.

When you buy a traditional board, your choice limits your surfing to particular conditions. Should you buy a board for light winds, strong winds or something in between? One day can be perfect but the next day can be a disaster. Having a sail that is too large can make sailing feel like a wrestling match with a much too strong opponent. An over sized board will be jumpy and difficult to control at high speeds and in choppy waters. An undersized sail or board can either leave you sitting ashore waiting for wind or trying to stand on the board knee-deep in water.

You may end up spending more time monitoring wind forecasts and deciding whether or not you can get out on the water than actually getting windsurfing action. The risk is that your gear just collects dust waiting for the right conditions. Buying several traditional boards and sails creates problems with transport, storage and costs.

A perfect day on the water in light wind with XLXL set up

A perfect day on the water in strong wind with SS set up