Dynamic Windsurfing Equipment

On this page you find detailed info about the adjustable Dynamic Windsurfing equipment, before diving deep, we start with a quick guide for choosing and using the equipment:

Board model
Optimus - Perfect choice for almost everyone (Beginner - level M) to enjoy the diversity of windsurfing ( if you are 100+ kg choose Optimus+)
Invictus -  For the ambitious, aiming for all conditions incl. waves/gale force wind
Speedus -  Race design, hence a bit more demanding than Optimus 
Wavus -  For the advanced (from level M ) to play in all different wave conditions
Sail model
S / M sail - Very useful sail for almost everyone
XXS / XS - Good choice for the unexperienced light sailors
L / XL -  Powerful sail for the experienced in lighter winds
When arriving at the beach, check weather conditions and choose
Smaller board shape and sail size the more wind there is
Take also your weight, windsurfing technique and safety into consideration when choosing size.
Check out the video to understand more about the equipment functionality (former version of the Invictus: 4 board shapes in 1).

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Dynamic Windsurfing modular design equipment is born from insights coming from thousands of customers using Dynamic Windsurfing Education System in our schools and camps. We developed our gears with one purpose in mind: get a great time on the water independently of the weather condition and the sailor level. The patented equipment adjustability is offering a uniquely wide range of usability going hand in hand with the owner learning curve, and a maximum fun each sailing session. The bigger board shapes can also be used for SUP and boards are foil ready (using powerbox adapter).
The gears are design to perfectly fit together down to the rig accessory, and nicely optimize the transportation and storage hassle ( 3 to 4 board shapes in 1 and 2 sail sizes in 1). Equipment is mainly manufactured in EU with the highest quality and sustainability.


How to choose your board if you don’t want to end up buying several of them!

The 4 Dynamic Windsurfing board series are organised by optimal usage: Optimus and Invictus have design similarities and are the natural first choice for most sailors. Invictus, though, adds the possibility to sail in nearly gale-force wind if teared down to its 95 liters S-shape. Speedus and Wavus, full carbon, are more niche or dedicated series for speed/slalom, wave/bump&jump respectively. They also feature the typical Dynamic Windsurfing characteristics and are easy to sail in a broad range of conditions. Every DW series is 1 board that can easily be tailored in 3 to 4 different shapes according to the weather fluctuations and the sailor abilities.

The graph aims at guiding you through different board options. We added a few other brands to give a more comprehensive overview.

Light wind - none to early planing

A big board shape with a center fin/dagger board is the best choice . The volume makes you float higher and increase your speed. The center fin improves stability and allow efficient upwind sailing. DW XL shape Invictus, Optimus or Speedus are the appropriate Dynamic windsurfing board for these conditions : below 10 knots. Wavus can be used in an XL configuration for a kid.
When the wind picks up, these big volume boards, DW L shape, are the first to plane, providing the center fin is removed to avoid too much drag. This configuration is appropriate between 10 to 15 knots.

Medium wind - Planing

Smaller board shapes start to plane and are more fun. Upwind sailing is leveraging the back fin power. A board with a dagger is heavier and stays in the way when the sailor is maneuvering the board.
Use DW M shape Invictus, Optimus, Speedus or Wavus. This configuration is working perfectly between 15 to 25 knots wind speed.

Strong wind - Waves

The waves building up make any of the bigger boards bumpy to sail and hard to control. DW S shape Invictus or Wavus, full carbon, are very agile in rough water. So much fun to ride! These board shapes are ideal above 20 knots wind speed.


Board nameBoard sizeVolumeLengthMax widthWeightRecommended sail
Optimus XL / L / M175/135 liters 265 cm /235 cm83 cm12 kilo /9 kiloDW XXS - XL
SpeedusXL / L /M150/120 liters265 cm/ 235 cm75 cm11 kilo / 8 kiloDW XXS - XL
WavusM / S110/80 liters265 cm/ 235 cm60 cm8 kilo / 6 kiloDW XXS - M
InvictusXL / L /M / S175/135/95 liters265 cm/ 235 cm83 cm12 kilo / 9 kilo / 7 kiloDW XXS - XL

OPTIMUS Carbon – At a Glance

Optimus is our first choice board in our schools. It is designed and built to be very  robust and follow the surfer from the first time sailing to full blast speeding on the M-shape freeride design. 
The robustness of Optimus is amazing. Let your friend and family borrow it with no worries about having a damaged board back. As can be seen on technology pic the Optimus have thick layers of the finest glass, carbon and kevlar to make it almost bulletproof! 

Optimus XL-shape

The XL configuration works perfectly in light wind conditions Its unique central fin is an upwind killer! adding stability and decreasing downwind drifting. For more experienced sailors it can be combined with the largest sail size (7-8m2) as an excellent way to enjoy a not so windy but sunny windsurfing day. It is also perfect for sailing longer distances or training light-wind sailing techniques: Include some pumping and you will even get a real workout!

Optimus XL  combined with a smaller sail size is a great combination for beginners. 

Optimus L-shape

By simply removing the centre fin Optimus becomes the L-shape version. Only back fin sailing improves the boards planing abilities: only a small gust of wind accelerates the board onto the water surface (plane) and enables speeds exceeding 15 knots. A good  sailor will enjoy this configuration in dusty winds and flat water. Intermediate sailors will like this shape as an easy to learn and improve planing technics. The foot straps are placed in a very accessible way for a first usage.

Optimus M-shape

Optimus M is a true freeride design giving full planing capabilities and great responsiveness: perfect for advanced and intermediate sailors (or anyone willing to become any of these two!). In 15 to 25 knots average wind, Optimus M is ideal for training water starts, board foot steering, play with body drags, practice planing jibes or just try to outrun other sailors and motor boats on the water! Additionally, there is  enough board volume to comfortably uphaul the rig, as well as sail ashore if the wind drops.
The M-shape bow has a relatively large volume: it's a steady board enhanced for early planing. The narrower tail diminish the wet surface when planing resulting in higher top speed. 

SPEEDUS Full Carbon – At a Glance

Speedus is designed to be a speed and slamon board: it has a flatter bottom, sharper rails enhancing stability and less volume than Optimus, it therefore demands more technical skills from the sailor in planing conditions. In light wind, especially with the centerfin, that board can be used by anyone as long as not too heavy. The reward when sailing this board effectivelly is fantastic: maximum speed, kicking planing gybes and world record long-distance performance. Speedus is build to be super light, fast, stiff and durable.  Several layers of Biaxial and Unidirectional Carbon fiber, as well as a nose carbon Kevlar reinforcement against catapult damages, truly ranks Speedus at the top of its class.

Speedus XL-shape

With the center fin the board can be used for cruising and explore the area a day when the wind is light. This board is also easy to use for medium and light weight sailors to learn windsurfing.

Speedus L-shape

Combined with an L or XL camber sail, you only need 10 knots to start planing. The board feels nicely stiff and responsive while you move in the foot straps and enjoy planing in fairly light wind. In the dusts the board accelarate instantly into high speed. 

Speedus M-shape

This is where the real fun starts! With its 120 liters, flat vee to double concave bottom, full compliancy of the international speeding competition class specs, sailing that board gives you the feeling of riding as fast as a bullet! From 12 knots, with L or XL camber sail, you are already planing. The acceleration of the board is thrilling in dust and when the wind increases. Keep sheeting in, and you slalom at high speed, flying high with only the tip of the fin in the water.

WAVUS Full Carbon – At a Glance

This board offers wave, freestyle and freeride crossover characteristics. The volume distribution and the board’s speed help to keep drive when the waves are slow. 
The board is perfect if you reached  M or S level and has the oppertunity to sail in windier areas. Use it for bump and jump conditions, onshore conditions and waves. 


Wavus M- shape

The M shape configured with a single fin is a perfect set up when the wind is not as strong but the waves are still there: maximum speed, directional stability and early planing. The tail rocker is more prononced than the other series and the bottom rails are concave, enhancing more speed as well as precise rail to rail transition. The 25cm mast track allows to adjust easily between a wave, freewave or freeride set up. Wavus 110 liters is also a very good board for a light weight youngster who want to learn how to sail: add the DW-centerfin and it becomes a kids' beginner board.

Wavus S-shape

With only 80 liters under your feet this board can be used in more extreme waves for riding big swells or jump them. It is also designed for freestyle and freeride crossover sailing.

Wavus S is build in full carbon to offer stiffness and light weight, reinforced with kevlar to stay intact in brutal waves and crashes. The round pin tail and concave bottom rails gives a good grip and precise rail to rail transition. The additional bottom Vee shape gives control in rough water, sharp acceletation in the waves and very good maneuverability. Wavus S can be confifured with thruster twin or single fin depending on your riding style and the weather conditions.

INVICTUS Carbon – At a Glance

Unbeatable when it comes to its overall performance, Invictus is THE ONLY board on the market offering a perfect fit in the widest range of weather conditions!  As Optimus, Invictus is designed and built to be extremelly robust and invite the surfer to go out from 1 to 40 knots.

The robustness of this series is bulletproof: it is a mix of thick fiber glass and carbon with high density PVC for the deck, giving an excelent stiffness, and a 100% multi directional carbon and sandwich bottom, keeping the board light and optimized for full speed planing. As for the other series, the nose is catapult proof with several additional carbon and carbon kevlar layers. You can assemble and disassemble this board over and over again, or land it to your kids and friends without beeing scared of damages.. In the different shapes description, you will also see that the design caracteristics make it very suitable for more or less extreme sailing.


Invictus XL-shape

Invictus XL is a natural choice in light wind. For experienced sailors this shape combined with the large sail size, is an excellent way to enjoy windsurfing on those many sunny and beautiful, but quiet days:  cruise longer distances, train light-wind sailing techniques, include some pumping and even get a real workout!
Invictus XL has the same outline as Invictus L, but  is featuring an additional fin placed in the center, like a dagger board. This very special center fin design is drastically increasing the board stability and upwing performance, helping to avoid the classical downwind drifting especially for not too experienced sailors.
Invictus XL combined with a smaller sail size is a perfect for beginners.

Invictus L-shape

When the wind picks, between 10 to 15 knots, in a few seccond, unscrew the center fin, and Invictus L is ready to ride and plane! Just a small gust of wind will accelerate it onto the surface of the water (plane) and enable flirting with 20 knots speed. A good sailor can also use Invictus L in gusty wind exceeding 15 knots in order to maximize the average speed. For an intermediate sailor, the L configuration is the perfect design for learning and improving planing techniques: the straps are positioned for an easy reach, the outline features a wide stern combined with a good fin depth enabling pointing high upwind and fairly deep downwind.

Invictus M-shape

Invictus M is a true freeride design giving full planing capabilities and great responsiveness: perfect for advanced and intermediate sailors (or anyone willing to become any of these two!). In 15 to 25 knots average wind, Invictus M is ideal for training water starts, board foot steering, play with body drags, practice planing jibes or just try to outrun other sailors and motor boats on the water! Additionally, there is  enough board volume to comfortably uphaul the rig, as well as sail ashore if the wind drops.
The M-shape bow has a relatively large volume: it's a steady board enhanced for early planing. The narrower tail diminish the wet surface when planing resulting in higher top speed. .


Invictus S-shape

You don’t get a nearly gale-force wind every day (25 knots and above), but when you do, you don’t want to miss it. Full speed, fast turns and high adrenaline.For strong winds or waves, this is the ideal board shape. You can choose whether you want to set your next speed record, do high jumps or pull off that laydown jibe.
Invictus S is shaped like a classic sinker and demands precision in both foot placement  and overall sailing technique. S is sailed by fin planing alone.
The S-shape with the S-sail is the advanced windsurfers favourite combination to face the really rough days on the water.




Our 3 series of sails are tested and developed with our boards and perfectly fit together: the 6 sizes would fit any of our DW board series, the low weight even for our most powerfull camber sail makes it easy to handle, the short boom lenght allows to use the bigger sails on smaller board shapes down to 95 liters if you fanzy a powerfull ride. Additionally, you need only 1 mast, 1 extensioner and 1 boom to fit any of the 6 DW sail size.

Sail models

The M & S sail been used by thousand of pupils in our school. The M & S sail has very handy sizes and should be the sail suitible for most windsurfers in average conditions. The sail is light and very easy to manouver. By studying where the sail is taken hits when used in school we have added reinforcment to make it very durable even if used a lot.
Since the sail works perfect with all Dynamic Boards and it is the sail suiting majority of sailors it´s the standard sail included in our complete board packages.

The L & XL is a high performance camber sail with power. It makes the boards plane easy and with stability to keep the shape even in stronger dusts. The sail is the primary choice for advanced windsurfers sailing in not to windy areas.Clew height and geometry are tuned to keep the light handling characteristics and feel.

The XS & XXS is a strong wind sail but can also be used as the only sail for juniors and light weight adults in less wind. The sail is very durable and designed for all-round high performance, from lightwind freeriding to high-wind blasting. The manoeuvre-oriented design keeps the boom lengths short so you can throw a gybe or hook a turn wherever you choose.

The Dynamic Junior sail is made for youngsters. It is a lightweight easy to handle sail perfect for kids to learn and enjoy windsurfing. We use it in our windsurfing school for kids from the age of 6-7 years to 10-11 years old. The sail fits theDynamic Windsurfing boom and the top of the Dynamic Windsurfing mast to make it easy for the family to minimize and combine with adult gear.


Sail Size BoomMast + extensionMISC 
Dynamic Windsurfing XL and L8 and 7 sqm DW boom 140-193 cm set at L-XL (188 cm)430 cm DW mast + extension set at L-XL (40 cm)
2 cambers
Dynamic Windsurfing M and S6,2 and 5,2 sqmDW boom 140-193 cm set at M-S (160 cm)430 cm DW mast + extension set at M-S (5 cm)
Dynamic Windsurfing XS and XXS4,5 and 3,7 sqmDW boom 140-193 cm set at XS-XXS (140 cm)430 cm DW mast + extension set at XS-XXS (0 cm) + top extension 30 cmvario top
Dynamic Windsurfing Junior2,5 sqm and 3,2 sqmDW boom 140-193 cm set at minimum430 cm DW mast top + DW base

How to adjust your gear

Change sail area: Pull the zipper ( Do not force the zipper if stucked, turn zipper back a few cm and check if some dirt then pull forward again). Then pull out the extra part battens from main sail. Attach extra part the opposite order.

Change board shape:
Unscrew on both sides, then pull back part L away from the M board.
M->S (Invictus): Reduce M part by unscrew starboard side, then pull starboard part forward to release from port side in front. Then unscrew portside.